A Brain’s Worth

Walking restlessly at the Chennai airport, waiting for my delayed flight to arrive, I saw a woman with huge sunglasses and blazer, which to me was an unusual look even for a businesswoman, as it was 8 pm. I wondered who could she be as I thought ‘why would she be wearing sunglasses during the night travel. As I moved ahead towards the counter, the face didn’t look unfamiliar. I called up my mom saying, maybe I have seen my role model in person. She pushed me to go and talk to her. Surprisingly she had already noticed my movements to cross-check if it was The Indra Nooyi. From giving a warm welcome and pleasant farewell, she talked to me about various topics, starting with my parents, their occupation, and my dreams. The 10 minutes spent with her were filled with so inspiration that I couldn’t stop thinking about her words for a month straight. When I boasted on social media about the personality that I met, I was surprised to find that most of them didn’t know her. Had she been an actor or actress, everyone would have jumped at the airport trying to click selfies about their airport looks but, I was shocked to see her sitting alone trying to observe people.
A 64-year-old businesswoman who changed the league of PepsiCo, who was the CEO of the same for 12 years, who made not only India and women but the entire world proud by her business skills, was not recognized by the people. A woman who was ranked at number 13 on the Forbes list of The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women in 2014, and was ranked the 2nd most powerful woman on the Fortune list in 2015. In 2017, she was ranked the 2nd most powerful woman once more on the Forbes list of The 19 Most Powerful Women in Business was ignored. Which made me wonder Did Brain’s really mattered? And if yes, then, What is it’s worth?
I have seen and heard people that the brain is worth only if you reach the 9th cloud with your success. I have a question for all of you, Hasn’t Indra Nooyi reach the 9th cloud with her success? Well, today I have an answer to this question. The fact, the success, the recognition has nothing to do with The Brain’s worth. A worthy brain is least bothered about these all solutions like awards and recognition to categorize the worthy and unworthy people. Success not just for themselves but for their work is a religion for them. Mediocrity lies in the eye of the beholder is a common saying, but the people whose success matters for the betterment of the world work on the principle of success follows hard work, which comes to mediocre people with amazing ideas. The brains with these thoughts are worthy enough and not the faces worth plastics.


Being locked up in our houses and blaming the man in China for eating bat soup, we curtailed our freedom for the betterment of our health. Many arguments came up with the start of the pandemic, one of them as to how this was a world war that China has declared on the world, without even using arms and ammunitions. Many also debated with the failing economies of the world against a stable economy of China. Everyone saw the world coming to a halt with the onset of COVID-19, but what we failed to understand is how this was important for us to grow. Initially, it felt like a golden opportunity to reconnect with our loved ones by staying together under one roof without any stress. But slowly, it did change to how things didn’t go according to the plan. Being caged, we all started relating to the birds’ freedom which, we never cared about. Most importantly, when the students of our country, the future of India saw that their examinations were canceled and, they were graded, according to their internal assessments or extra assignments. But, now the problem arises. The assessment was no longer the medium for grading students except for the medicos. The students pursuing careers in the medical field, the doctors, dentists, paramedical students are expected, to appear for the exam as this is a life-saving field. This notice was strongly condemned by the medical students as they fear going out in the exam centers with complete exposure to the virus. This action has not only made them realize that their lives are not worthy, but the field of study also requires them to sacrifice their lives to be classified as practioner. Students who have been waiting for almost a year or more to rectify the scores in the entrance exams are now asked to sacrifice their dreams, as our country lacks the infrastructure to conduct exams, and qualify students without them being in a high-risk zone. Students are not only physically in a poor state but also are at the lowest points in their lives with, uncertainty levels increasing and their careers being at a halt. This pandemic has led to a gradual rise in depression levels amongst the youth. Somehow held together with their internal motivation to live a life, these students expect nothing from the country but to pursue their career and in a safe way. Lastly the only safe space for every human in the pandemic hit world is a safe mind.

Outside the window

Rolling the ball for her baby, Naina saw a ray of light outside her window, which made her imagine what she wanted to see. Looking at her baby, Shrinay gaining a medal and becoming a doctor, and she didn’t see Shrinay roll down the stairs. Now you must be wondering who’s mother is this irresponsible. This behavior isn’t reckless, but its ignorance towards reality. I often found my dad complaining about how spoilt the younger generation is, how unreliable and dependent they are. Back to the story, the question arises ‘How did Shrinay fall?’. What fact did we miss out on?. Naina’s view suggests she was trying to see a future for Shrinay. If Shrinay could speak, he would have said I was figuring how to walk, and I fell. The two instances that this mishap could have been avoided are, Naina could have just watched over Shrinay than glaze outside the window, or Shrinay could have just sat there and not tried to walk. What do you think is more logical?. Parenting is a difficult task, agreed period. But, what is more, painful is falling and still not learning from it. As kids, we tend to fall and learn, but what if one day we fall and can’t get up as we broke our will to do so?

Born and brought up in a country like India, I have learned to change my will, wish, and views according to the sentiments of a few people. Societal pressures and controversial statements, feeling of losing themselves, is what most kids witness these days. The generation that faced a wave of overcoming sadness and depression today is facing an existential crisis. The question that comes flashing in mind is ‘why?’. Why do the bravest hearts feel the hole of unimportance?. You changed the thought that kept you going for years because a few people suggested you might not be worthy. The struggle for survival changes from generation to generation, but does that mean you didn’t try?
Smiling each day when you wanted to cry for help is a struggle. Cry it out loud, let the world hear your cry! are the kind of suggestions drop in after you decide to talk. As if this generation doesn’t want to do that? But is the world and those people who comment ready to hear our cries?
The question that haunts me is what happens if I make the world hear my cries? Will I be a role model for promoting pessimism? Will I be the change every child wishes to achieve in himself or herself?.

Unfinished Book(s)

Books became an integral part of our lives as we grew, from textbooks to extra materials, comic books to novels. But what put me to ponder was ‘how did people leave any book half-finished?’. Being a geek, I was haunted by this question. Over the years, while facing time management crisis and responsibilities increasing, I found myself caught in this situation. I realized how people talked about keeping books unfinished back on the shelves. Gradually, when I came out of my childhood bubble, I figured the realities and hence wanted to change the ending in a few books. I noticed how particularly my taste changed for the ends, and mostly it did depend on my surrounding or people or their judgment. All of these started mattering to me more than earlier. I began liking books with a witty sense of humor and some positive endings to it. Developing these tastes, I noticed that spending 15 minutes reading the synopsis of the book in Crossword was not sufficient. My needs increased as time passed, and they couldn’t be confined by those 15 minutes. Manier times, I have witnessed my mother lashing out about how I don’t read the complete novel and would leave it half-read. She started suggesting renting books, as an option to avoid wastage of money in buying books that I don’t finish. Not just novels but even self-help books were left unfinished. I found myself lost, as I no longer was able to recognize the person I was becoming. Later, I found myself dreaming the endings to particular stories; the conclusions that were different than those mentioned in the book by the author. I remarked that I have started creating finishes that would bring me peace or soothe my conscience. Most of us find ourselves in certain situations where we begin with motive and get caught up with a different one by the end of the task; this is the reason why most people do not finish the books they start reading.

Finally, I want to say that everyone wants a closing to suit their state of mind and to make them feel strengthened after feeling every word they read in a book. That is why the Books are unfinished and stacked up on the shelves.


Frightened of waking up with thunders at night 

I learned the art of waking up to thuds on the door,

No one came after that loud fist bump

And no one left until the bird bled

Few said your family protects you 

Who knew the family could skin you 

Ask that bird who was burnt, beheaded to stay mum.

Not knowing the pleasure in raping someone

Feeling helpless for those who faced 

Understanding the costumes that asked for rapes 

or characters of women which called for it 

Ask that bird whose life stopped after he came out of her 

Did Indian culture teach this,

maybe it did as wearing shorts is a sin 

but raping and killing shoots dopamine 

Why am I hanging in the sun, with the blood and tears of the victim 

Ask that bird whose wings you did cut

Alive and well was a myth after the skinning 

how did this happen and what am I going to do remained constant 

being called a slut for being pregnant before marriage

who knew how many times did he force himself inside me 

Ask the bird who was caged by the world 

Trials for justice had become the schedule 

family is tension as the world slut shammed 

appealing to courts for justice for the dead 

her parents were afraid of losing the hope 

years later the hope has risen again 

as justice was served: Sentenced to Death.

Ask the bird who was killed for flying in the sky.